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Tank Storage

Rokus Botlek BV tank farm, manages independently owned tank farms in Rotterdam port terminal, Netherlands which are operated by our management and all oil companies the necessary bills for storage and handling their products. Our tank farms are situated above the ground and while some are beneath the ground with support for successful discharges of products into heavy duty oil tankers. We operate a global network of terminals located at strategic locations along major trade routes. With good history and a strong focus on sustainability, including safety, we ensure safe efficient and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. By doing so, we enable the delivery of products that are vital to our economy and daily lives, ranging from oil, chemicals, gases and biofuels and vegoils.

The company manages independently owned oil and gas storage tank which are operated by Rokus Botlek BV management and not owned by oil companies in in other part of Europe and our management charges all oil companies the necessary bills for storage and handling their products. We are among the top operators of petroleum tank storage in Rotterdam with various storage capacity with our continuous partnership with other major petroleum tank storage providers in Europe and with bulk liquid cargo storage.

  • Ensure storing and dispensing petroleum products at its own oil depots located Rotterdam port
  • Ensure favorable terms of cooperation and best operational release service of oil products storage
  • Ensure wide range of individual fuel storage tanks with good preserving the quality of your products

Rokus Botlek BV stoarge reliability

We managed stoarge reliability facilities for many company including large multi national oil companies for storing their products and worked widely with industry regarding development prospects operation of tank farms, site conditions, loading facilities, tank upgrades, building of new tanks. Most of the tank storage terminal facilities as a need to support core activity.

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Rokus Botlek BV storage solutions department has a long time of experience in storage and terminal operations.

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    Modern service provider

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    Tank storage management

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    Marco Polostraat 2 Rotterdam-albrandswaard 3165AL, Netherlands.

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